My name is Georgina Makalani and I need to write like I need to breathe.

I usually write within the fantasy and science fiction genre but occasionally I write other things, just because I can.

Many emerging writers are trying to fit their writing into an already busy life with the hope of one day writing full time. I am one of those writing around a day job, family and friends.

I believe that there is time to write every day.

I admit that I haven’t always managed my own time well, and not written nearly as much or as often as I could have. In the past I struggled with writers block, the procrastination monster, low confidence levels and too many time management tools. There were times I spent more time planning my writing than writing.

Yet I am learning from this. In using my own writing processes as research, I am discovering the tools to keep me writing and simplifying my planning for more writing time. Importantly, I am taking action on my writing goals to move forward in a determined manner toward writing full time.

I would like to be able to help you with inspiration and tips to keep you writing towards your goals and to find the time to do the writing you want to (without giving your children away).

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