Why I’m choosing to self-publish my writing

Self Publishing

Do you only self-publish when you can’t get a traditional publisher to pick up your book? Or do you go it alone because it is the best option for you?

And deciding to self-publish wasn’t an easy decision. There are times as I wander through the book shop that I think it’s a bad idea and that I should be submitting to someone else.


But after careful consideration this is why I’m choosing to go this way.

1 Getting my stories out there

I am doing this not to make money (but it would be nice if I could support myself through writing). I am doing this because I love to write and I want to share those magical stories with others. I am still amazed at what unfolds across the page and the wonderful characters that appear and start bossing me about. I still get lost in my own stories (still cry at times even though I know what’s coming) and I want others to experience that too.


2 Getting more stories out there

I can publish as often as I like and I can write different stories within the worlds I have already created. Such as short stories or novellas based on the characters of those worlds. I already have a list of short story ideas to develop from ‘The Mark of Oldra’ and as I work through the Raven Crown draft I am developing a similar list for minor characters or what might happen to characters after they leave the main story.


3 Control

I may be somewhat of a control freak – not that I would openly admit to that. But being able to determine when my book is released and that I don’t have to change the story to suit a publisher, or the cover, seems like a bonus. I get to determine when the sales periods are and I can give it away to whomever I like.


4 Easy

It is much easier than I thought to self-publish. There may be some fiddling about with readers, editing, covers etc but I think you would have that working with a publishing house too. Then it is uploaded and away. No waiting six months for it to hit the shelves. There is a lot of help out there and I have found that Amazon does make it easy.


5  Freedom

This is kind of related to the earlier points. I get to produce whatever story I want (or that wants to be created). I don’t have to think within strict genre guidelines, I can label it as what it is. As long as I am clear for the reader then all good.


This is not the only option. But it seems to be what is best for me at this time.

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