Quarterly Goal Review 2015

Q goal setting

Over the last week I have completed a quarterly review of my writing goals. Just to make sure I’m on track for this year. And so far I seem to be, even though I’ve put some things on hold.

I have previously talked about goal setting and how important it is. So I won’t go over it again, visit this post and this one if you want a refresher.

It is also important to review how well you are meeting those goals to determine what is and isn’t working; whether you are putting in the effort and whether the goals are right for you. If something is on the list but you aren’t getting it done you need to think about why it is on the list to start with.


Why am I doing this?

I generally review how much writing I’m doing and how I’m meeting my goals on a week to week basis. Each quarter I like to complete a bigger review, not as detailed as my half yearly one, but the year is slipping away so quickly I wanted an idea of whether I could get done what I wanted to. And lots of things have been pushed down the list to occur later this year. Which is now.

I also like to start planning for next year about this time. I produce a rough idea of what I would like to get done and the projects I want to focus on. If I’m not achieving what I want this year that will impact on next year.


What I discovered from the review

I am actually on track to get done what I wanted.

I am still half hoping to get ‘Snow’ out before Christmas. It is much better than it was but still needs some work. As mentioned before I want to make sure it is the best it can be rather than just push it out. Working my hardest to reach the before Christmas deadline.

Iski is outlined and mapped out and ready to draft. I have blocked out the time for that in October, on track for December release. Assuming the edit doesn’t push it out but should be ok.

Raven Crown Series drafting has been put on hold while I finish ‘Snow’ but I’m also planning to get back to this over October. The full trilogy will be drafted by the end of the year, ready to start editing next year. And once I start that process I’ll have a better idea of release dates.


Onward plans

My plans for the last quarter of the year will lead into what I’m doing next year. I have simplified by planning and tracking processes to be able to get more writing done and spend more time allocated on writing rather than planning.

I have changed my tracking system a little. Instead of using scrap paper I’m now capturing all my writing time on a spreadsheet. I note the actual time spent writing and the task/project I work on. This allows me to easily see how much time I spend each day writing and what I have worked on.

It has been a very useful process and it only takes a few seconds at the beginning and end of each writing session.

It has also helped me pull together some stats on how long various projects take or stages of those projects. This also helps for planning because with these details I know how much I can produce. And that in turn helps me determine what I can do before the end of the year and what I could hope to produce next year.

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