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shoes on deckAt the beginning of the year I discussed my plan for the year. I didn’t want to share all the details at the time because there was a lot going on (and there still is) namely the building of my house and planning the move. Then my parents went away leaving me to dog sit and that seemed to push my plans completely out.

I’m kind of back of back on track. I have the first short story out for the year, if several weeks behind schedule. I’m editing my fantasy novel (or at least I’m planning for the re-write and trying to stay positive). I am drafting my fantasy medieval trilogy (slowly) and starting to plan a series of novellas.

So I am crazy busy and all this while I (finalise the) building of my house and all that goes with moving. So this year is going to be a big one.

To give you an idea – here are my writing goals for this year (which may change as the year develops):

  • Snow (fantasy novel) to be out around August/September (not sure how likely that is, may be later)
  • Medieval fantasy trilogy to be fully drafted this year (all three books, total around 450,000 words)
  • Iski Flare Book 1 to be ready for release by Christmas.
  • Weekly blog posts with where I am at and tips to help other writers at a similar stage.

And all this while working full time, mothering full time and ….lots of other stuff.

So to make sure I can do what I want to with my writing I have a plan. (Doesn’t every writer?)

I have to pull my finger out and get on with it. I will get up and continue to write (or edit) for an hour first thing every day. I will fit in another hour of writing or writing related activity every day (probably in the evening) and use my free lunch times and weekends (when the child is with her dad) to get more done.

I have worked out roughly how many hours a week I have (about 15, give or take a couple).

Now if I used this 15 hours appropriately and productively I think I could achieve the following in a week:

Either:             Write about 22,000 first draft words

Or:       Edit somewhere between 5 and 15 scenes

Or:       Draft, edit and smooth out 10-15 blog posts

Or:       Outline or plot a single story idea to the point I could start a first draft.

When I first wrote these figures down I was quite surprised. I have a pretty good understanding of how long different activities take as I record my writing times and review regularly. So I’m sure that with focus the above figures give a close indication of what I could achieve.

So my plans are in place and underway. And they have been for a while now; it is just that I haven’t shared. Now that my projects are flowing reasonably well, if thickly, I’m more confident in how they are going. I’ll share my six monthly review in July to show how I’m going in meeting these goals.

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  1. Bloody hell! You are a juggernaut.
    I pat myself on the back for managing 50 words a night, and that is a rare occurrence.

    1. I bet they are 50 beautiful words. I might be quick but then my words need a lot of work. I spent an hour and a half editing yesterday and only covered 3 and a half pages. I’m hoping some scenes will be a bit quicker than that.

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