2016 First Quarter Goal Check

2015 quarterly goal check

We are already a quarter of the way through the year. I can’t believe how fast that has flown by. Every year I plan more and seem to have less time to achieve any of it.


My writing goals for the first quarter of 2016 were:

  • Have Iski Flare Episode 2 almost ready for publication
  • Raven Crown book first edit close to completion
  • Regular blog post produced (weekly)
  • Regular newsletter produced (monthly)
  • Regular reading


What I have achieved

A few things are a bit behind.

Iski Flare – is nearly there, but not quite as polished as I was hoping by this point. The publication date has been pushed out to the end of April but it is looking good. And as I wrote it I had loads of ideas for Episodes Three, Four and Five so he will continue on for a while.

The Flow of Ink – other than one week, I have posted every week and the newsletter is going out monthly.

Reading – I am reading a lot more. I’m trying to read every night. I got a kindle for Christmas which I love and if I have forgotten it, I can link into my current reading on my phone. It is so much easier than carrying a book around with me. Part of my reading is connected to reviewing more too. Although I’m a bit over committed on that front just at the moment. So many books, so little time!


What I haven’t achieved

Raven Crown is disappointingly well behind schedule. Part of this is due to the edit being more work than I expected. There are some major holes, some small plot problems and a lot of reordering required. And I tend to get distracted looking ahead into the following books; initially with the idea of checking something but then I start reading and before I know it I am lost in the story and not editing anything.

And I was sick, so there were weeks where I didn’t get near it at all.


What I have learnt

I may have (not admitting failure here) planned a little too tightly and I’m not spending as much time writing each day as I thought I would. I had easily thought two hours a day at a minimum. But if things get busy I’m lucky to get half an hour some days.

Prioritising projects is important. So on those days when I can’t do much I focus on what needs to be done first or work through more of one thing; such as drafting three or four blog posts at once instead of just one at a time.

I am not always using my early morning writing time effectively. I’ve been doing some more research, email and social media during that time, rather than writing and editing. Even some course work. All writing world related but not directly writing.


Where to from here

I need to refocus a little.

Go back to planning my writing time, sticking to set tasks during that time. And then if I get extra time, or extra done, it’s a bonus.

I need to review my diary every morning, not at the end of the day.

Pick my priorities, spend most of my time on them, or split major projects over the day (Iski in am, RC in pm)


Even though I am behind a little, I’ll still get Iski Episode 2 out in the month I planned. Some dedicated time I could bring RC closer to where I want it and I’m trying hard to think ahead about the website and blog. Even trying some different things, like the story last week.

I love to hear from you. How are you going with your writing goals so far? Are you on the path you want to be on? What might you need to change?

Hit reply and share your stories.

2 Replies to “2016 First Quarter Goal Check”

  1. I’ve had several consecutive weeks now where I’ve hit my word count, though I’m not as far along, chapter-wise, as I’d like to be, with Thornlea’s story.

    Editing work on a number of short stories is progressing well in the evenings, but editing is soooo onerous.

    If I could only wring more time from my day…

    I recently heard Brandon Sanderson lament, in a podcast, about how little time he has to actually write now he has achieved success.

    Maybe I should be careful what I wish for.

    1. Thanks for sharing M.
      I think we would all like more time to write, but as long as we are making the most of the time we do have. Consistency is important, keep hitting the word count and the story will continue to grow.

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