Inspirations from an Abandoned World


abandoned house in the woods
Abandoned house in the woods – from Abandoned World Facebook

I find inspirations in different places, in fact I got an idea for a new story just by seeing an advertisement for another book – and my story didn’t even relate to the title, or the topic of the book, but a single word triggered an idea and I was scribbling away notes in my little notebook for later.

Quite often I see memes on Facebook that talk about writers finding inspiration all over the place. And I believe that is true with every distracted look I give my friends in café’s; every half heard conversation I pass in the street and every time I watch a movie thinking “I would have done that differently, which means a whole different story, but…could I write that?”

I have recently started following some different groups and pages on Facebook (I’m trying to be more social) and one such following is the Abandoned World Magazine. They post amazing photos of all sorts of abandoned human creations, from castles, churches, buildings, villages, to amusement parks.

I find each photo inspires something:

  • An idea of a story
  • What it could have been before
  • What it could be in my current writing
  • Who would live there
  • Who could have lived there
  • Why it was abandoned

I find each image fascinating. But I’m sure there are images out there just as beautiful or inspiring. Street scapes and architecture could be what you need depending on what you write. Images from space and speculative art – like Deviant Art.

Where do you find inspiration?

Or where could you look if you lost it?

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