The Rohendra Complex

The Dragonfly 

Sparrow Song 

Shimmering Bear Georgina Makalani

Shimmering Bear

Rohendra Queen Georgina MakalaniShimmering Bear

Coming December 2021

The Mark of Oldra

The Mark of Oldra

The Heart of Oldra 

Box Set available now 

Glimpses – Fantasy Anthology

The Last Dragon Skin Chronicles

The Empty Crown 

The Lost Endeavour

Shadows Awaken

The Darkened Crown

The Magics of Rei-Een

The Hidden Princess 

Hidden Promises 

The Hidden Phoenix

Complete Series

The Raven Crown Series

Raven's Dawn

Raven’s Dawn

The Caged Raven

Raven’s Edge

The Raven Crown Series Books 1-3

The Legend of Iski Flare

The Legend Begins

The Red Wolves

The Riddle of Daralis

The Last Child

The Tree Maiden

The Legend of Iski Flare Box Set 1-5


The Beast

Circus of Wonders

Circus of Wonders

Coming Soon

Coming Soon