Raven’s Edge

Raven's Edge 

War has come to Rocfeld, bringing the blood and darkness of Meg’s nightmares with it.

Meg hides from the Silent Sisters with a dead man, while her sister remains lost. And the Raven Queen believes only she has the power to save them all. Meg takes up her sword to protect the kingdom, but some enemies can’t be defeated by steel alone.

As the prophecy of darkness and loss takes those she cares about, Meg is more determined to stop the fighting. Amidst the battle for Rocfeld, she will make a sacrifice she hopes will save her people. But will it be enough to stop those determined to destroy her from knocking down the walls? And the whispers of distant gods may not be enough to save her this time.

Raven’s Edge is the page-turning third instalment in the Raven Crown Series. If you like epic battles, vengeful gods and determined princesses, then you will love Georgina Makalani’s sword and sorcery series.