Rohendra Queen

Island Tarle has a new mission: protect the Hendra. And it is time for her to return to Central.

She’s been watching over the Hendra for the last six years and the idea of letting her out of her sight makes her ill with fear. Returning to Central should mean Hendra can focus on ensuring the balance is maintained within the Complex.

The council have run the Complex in her absence and have mixed feelings about handing over control, particularly Solon who is sure he should have stepped into the position. But there is a new threat to the Complex and the Hendra. A threat that will undo all that Isla and Gray worked for. A threat hidden from the Rohendra.

Can they learn who is determined to destroy the balance before the Hendra is lost and the Complex with her?

Set several years after the main events of the Rohendra Complex, Rohendra Queen is a shorter story containing those characters you know and love, facing a new challenge to the Complex.