The Burning Prince

The Burning Prince Georgina Makalani

A witch on the run. Two brothers determined to help her. A king scouring the kingdom for revenge, and a holy man burning it to the ground.

The Kingdom of Burasal has been hunting out and destroying witches long before the great fire that took the life of the new prince, and destroyed half of Sunsong Castle. The fire fuelled the hunt, and the new king is determined that no witch shall survive, particularly the one responsible for his son’s death.

Nelda has spent her life hiding who she truly is, not that she knew what was until that night she was lost to the flames. A night that has scarred a kingdom, a king and her brother. But in all the years they searched for her, she remained hidden. Until the man burning his way across the kingdom flushes her out.

Now she is running for her life again, with two brothers, and a young witch. They are only drawing more attention from those she is trying to hide from. Should she have abandoned them to save herself? Is she leading them to danger, or are they leading her? If they are discovered, she will be killed on the spot, and the young men she is trying to protect will burn with her.

The Burning Prince is the first in a sword and sorcery fantasy series, where family is not what you think it is and the flames burning across a kingdom reveal more than they destroy.