The Dragonfly

Isla Tarle thought she had managed to disappear into relative obscurity. Now someone wants her dead. But why would anyone take out a hero so long after the battle was lost?

With her current life blown apart, Isla is determined to clear her name and solve the mystery of who wants her dead. The Rohendra Complex is filled with secrets she can’t remember, and Isla’s gifts have some calling her hummer.

But hummers are myth, aren’t they? And there was good reason why the liquid metal that had once been so integral to the working of the universe was outlawed. Then there’s Gray, the guy claiming to have saved her, who thinks there is more to it, and that she knows just what that it.

Together they head into a world she has tried hard to forget, to discover who is so determined she can’t live in peace. In order to find the truth and survive, Isla will have to remember what she doesn’t want to.