The Hidden Phoenix

The world is not what it was and the Empire of Rei-Een may be at an end.

A child’s visions of the future include flames and the need for Lis and Remi to find each other. In the aftermath of a fight that nearly killed them both, neither have the power they once did.

There are too many trying to tear them apart before they can find each other. And the greatest threat to the Empire of Rei-Een may not be magic, but the lack of it.

Lis attempts to face her destiny and bring the world back to what it was, but it is far more difficult than she imagined. If she could only connect with her prince, she may find just what they need to save the Empire.

The Hidden Phoenix is the final instalment in the Magics of Rei-Een series. It is filled with hidden agendas and betrayal, as Lis and Remi try to save the world they know, or die trying.