The Call of the Siren

singing cat 1

Recently for homework my daughter had to come up with her ideal super power and then describe why that was better than others. Her choice was invisibility. Since the exercise I have been thinking about what I would want for a super power. If given the choice to choose something truly amazing skill, what would it be?

I am a big fan of superheros. I love the Avengers and all their spinoffs.

My ultimate choice would be to sing like a siren, probably luring men to their deaths. So it seems if given the chance I would probably be a baddy with my super power. I’m not quite sure how I feel about that. As I currently sing like a dying cat, it was initially all about the voice. Whether I want the tail and the ocean living, I’m not so sure.

How can I use this for my writing? I’m not sure about that either, but it might be a useful thought later down the track. I love superheros and the powers they wield for good but it is an area I hadn’t thought of writing in. Although fairy tales are something I have played with, it could come into something else.

All of this is a distraction really. I am distracted.

My moving date is growing closer, and much quicker than I thought. My head is full of crazy ideas and lists of what I need for the house. As well as day dreaming about singing to strangers, I’m dreaming of my new desk with a view and the amazing writing I will do whilst I try not to stare out at the view.

I have only just realised that I am allowing myself to be distracted. I know it is happening and although I could do something about it, I’m not. This is because my editing is a bit scary. OK really scary. I have more or less rewritten the beginning. And there is a lot of work to go. Once I get into the process I’m fine, and although there is much to do, the editing is happening and it seems to be improving the story. But I am so worried that it might not improve that taking that first step of sitting down is not happening as often as it should.

But I am not getting stressed about this. I’m concerned but I know that once I’m in the new house things will settle down, my mind will clear somewhat and I will be able to do what I need to with my leave (as well as unpack boxes – I have a plan of one box, one scene, one box, one scene) and then it will be done before I know it.

Sometimes distraction is a good thing. Whether this is one of those times or not, I don’t know yet seems (I know very little right now). But I’m going with it and I’m carrying my notes wherever I go in case I get some time, or inclination, to sit down and write some words.

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