Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays

Everyone is celebrating something different…for me it is Christmas.

I have continued to struggle to put a little Christ into the celebration each year without much success.

We have a nativity scene and we discuss the story of Christmas but my mother is recently atheist – turned to atheism, or is it turned away from Christianity or simply no longer believes – whichever way you say it, it makes for interesting dinner conversation over the turkey.

We have reduced the stress of Christmas by simplifying gifts (this year we have a total practicality theme – although I’m sure some of the kids gifts fall a little outside of this), simple food and relaxed fun. It makes the day far more enjoyable.

Over the Christmas period I am taking a little time away from blogging – I’m still writing but focusing on drafting and editing. It is only a couple of weeks and I’ll be back on Monday, January 5.

Wishing you the very best for whatever you are celebrating and a safe holiday…see you in the New Year.

When Christmas lunch gets too much remember that the crazy aunt you had to sit next to could help you create a fantastic character for your next work…


And my gift to you for the holiday season – Stuffed Frogs and Spinning Teacups is free this week.

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