Are you confident to change your goals?

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There are times when we are part way along a path when we realise that it is not where we want to be heading. That a change is needed in what we are doing and where we are going.

It is not a failure to change your mind. Nor is it a failure to decide that this is not the path you want to travel.

When your needs change so should your goals.

I am not advocating that when it all gets too hard you should give up and work on something else. It is a matter of making sure you are working on the right goals. That the actions you take are enjoyable but also carry you along the path toward your long term goals.

My overall life goals or my long term goals have not changed. But how I want to reach this has changed a little in the last couple of weeks.

I have discussed publishing a non-fiction ebook about taking action on writing goals. This project means a lot to me as it was an area I struggled with a lot myself and I was keen to share what I have learnt. But it was not coming together as I thought it would and I have lost confidence in the market. I will continue to post hints and tips that I have learnt through my own practice on the blog and if you would like a follow up please comment on any post, or contact me via the Contact page.

I need to focus on my fiction writing and so I have changed my publishing plan for this year. Instead of the non-fiction I am working on another short story (Science Fiction this time) due out around Easter.

Changing my short term goals ensures I am on the right path to my mountain.

And I want to write what makes me happiest, because I believe that will produce better work that you, as readers, will gain more from.

Do not be afraid to change your goals because you never know what may present itself that you had not thought of before. And it might just be what you need. Are you struggling with your current action plan or goals? Take some time to revisit what you are doing, why you are doing it and whether or not it makes you happy.

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