Courage to Write

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At the beginning of the year I read a lot of posts about taking the courage to do something this year; to follow through with a dream and no matter where I turned (or which blog I followed) everyone was sprouting the same message.

So I took a leap, yelled Geronimo, and launched my new website. No fear!

Well not quite, I was scared witless. But I did it anyway because I knew that it was something I needed to do as the first step to actually acting on my goal of being a full time writer. A bit of a slow start perhaps but a start all the same.

I have wanted to be a full time writer for a long time. Each year I only made tiny inroads on that dream, not really making the effort for it to become a reality. Then I discovered several communities of different people with different dreams all taking the action to do something about it.

I may have some self-confidence issues when it comes to my writing yet I am working on ways to get it out there.

I have the courage to try.

To advertise myself (here at least) and test my writing on others (so far in the safety of my writing groups/uni tutorials, and to an extent through this blog.)

I have the courage to do what is necessary to improve my confidence as a writer. I may not be very confident in what I’m doing yet I am still pushing through to do what is needed. Confidence might come later but I won’t let a lack of it to stop me now.

As I battle to work out the next step forward for my novel (once it comes back from readers) I plan to push myself a little further.

I have previously discussed the idea of publishing my short stories in a collection. But my confidence was quashed somewhat when I read the dangers of, or at least mistake of, publishing collections of short stories that are not necessarily very well linked. Given that my collection covered both fantasy and science fiction with no shared theme I started to agree with what I read.

So instead I am considering publishing them individually (at different times). As the first one will be a real test it will be free when it hits the shelves (electronic shelves).

I’m going to be testing this on my writing group first, then some playing with cover design and then a lot of courage to put it out there. It is still a little way off, but keep your eyes peeled because it is coming.

Please share your stories of courage or what you wish you had the courage to do.

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