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Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons
Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

I have been very focused on my editing over the last few weeks and it is taking up most of my creative energy.

Recently when drafting a new story I enjoyed the creative freedom that creating something new brings with it. The new story itself is still pretty rough, with holes in the plot and a lot of work to get it to something good. But the drafting process has been a lot of fun.

It can be draining editing full time and so I have decided that I need some more creative play time.

A few ideas have bloomed lately and I’m playing with options for more stories, characters and some general unfocused scribbling. I love it and it’s not too much to draw me away from my serious editing but enough to give me a little breather.

Part of this distraction time has included reading how authors find ideas. Neil Gaiman would have to be my favourite:

‘I make them up …. Out of my head.’
People don’t like this answer. I don’t know why not. They look unhappy, as if I’m trying to slip a fast one past them. As if there’s a huge secret, and, for reasons of my own, I’m not telling them how it’s done.

Neil Gaiman

I fully believe this way of thinking, we all take a little something we see and twist it or add to it, to create something new, something us…

My daughter is a great starting point, she often comes up with weird pronunciations or cutesy names for her pets and these new words have sparked all sorts of ideas. The most recent of these names along with an image I saw on someone’s blog has inspired an idea for a short story.

The point behind this creative time is to relax and let the ideas come. Some ideas won’t go anywhere, some may start and falter and others may grow into something special. I’m willing to enjoy the process to find the ideas and see what happens.

Where do you find ideas?

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