Goal Setting for a New Year


Setting Goals

I set my goals for the coming year well before the bell tolls in the New Year. Yet so many leave it until that last minute to think about it.

For me goal setting is an ongoing process and not static from year to year. Each goal leads towards the larger or longer term one, which all boils down to:

Where I want to be and what I need to do to get there.

Once you have the where determined, it is time to think about the what.

I have my goals for the following year drafted by August/September and finalised (written down) by November/December. That way I’m continuing on, rather than starting whole new goals.


Reviewing Progress

At the end of each year I review how well I went at achieving my previous year’s goals.

It is worth reviewing:

  • The goals set
  • What was achieved
  • What processes worked well
  • What didn’t work well

For each of the above points, the question why needs to be asked. Where they the best goals for me? Why did I achieve some things but not others? Why did certain processes work and what can I do to replicate them?

This reflective process helps keep focus as well as determining what will work best over the coming year. I also review the year’s goals midway through the year to ensure they are still relevant, achievable and on track.

I will look more closely at goal setting over the next few months but for now I will share with you my writing goals for 2014.

I will write at least a sentence every day…

I will complete my fantasy novel to a polished standard

I will complete a first draft of next novel – Sisters Book 1

I will develop my website and post at least once a week

I will write and publish an ebook via website

I will read more – at least 15 minutes a day of fiction

Some of these goals are continuations of what I started last year, or even before. Some are new and some are definitely pushing my writing limits. Yet I believe they are achievable and all lead toward my ultimate goal – to write full time.


What is your ultimate writing goal?

What are you doing this year to work toward it?

(I would love to hear your responses, please hit reply and share.)

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