Goal Setting to Reach Your Mountain

 Mount_Mulanje Painting

We started the year with a discussion around goal setting and that you need to know where you are heading before you can start. Or perhaps, like myself, you needed to check that you were on the right path that led to where you want to be.

I asked you to think about that path and where you wanted to be. To focus on your values and what is important.

The next stage is to think about how to get there.

There are different ways to set your goals. There is a lot of advice out there and many goal setting tools, some easier than others. When I started drafting this post I had it all mapped out for you, but I think it would be better if I just pointed you in the right direction rather than drag you down my chosen path. So here are some steps that I think are important no matter how you set goals…


Write your goals down

It helps to see where you are going when you have it laid out in front of you.

Checking your goals regularly helps and knowing where those goals are is important – in your planner/diary, on the study wall, desktop. Wherever it is you need to be able to see them.


Each goal needs to lead to your overall goal or value

You have spent time thinking about where you want to be, the goals you now set are based around how you are going to get there.

To help determine these goals consider:

  • What you need to do every day or month to reach your goal.
  • What skills you need to learn or sharpen.
  • Who can help you.

Some goals may be short, or take longer to achieve or may lead onto other goals. You will have a range of goals that lead to your ultimate state or mountain.

If you need some inspiration to reach your mountain, check out Neil Gaiman’s inspiring speech.


Write each goal as a positive, achievable statement

Write each down as you want to achieve it.

For example: I will be a happy writer, spending each and every day writing exactly what I want to.


Set deadlines for your goals

Know when you want to achieve your goal by. Open ended goals simply don’t get finished, they just go on and on and on.


  • When do you want to be living your dream?
  • And when will you complete each step on the way?

Working full time as a writer is on my 10 year plan. But I would prefer it to be my life in five years…so what do I need to move forward? Or do more of to get there faster? This is what I consider when I set my annual and monthly goals.


Use to do lists and action plans to reach your goals

Writing down your goals is not enough, you need to act on them every day.


Share at least one goal that leads to your mountain by clicking reply.


Photo by africankelli africankelli (originally posted to Flickr as Mount Mulanje) and adjusted by Georgina Makalani

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