How to carry your writing desk with you (and not look like a bag lady)


I am living with my parents. Not still living with my parents, I have returned home to save, build resilience, etc. while I prepare to build a house. So I am learning to share my space with others, or at least share their space and it isn’t always easy.

My father kindly cleared a desk in his study, which I have piled with considerable amounts of stuff. But I have found that when I take my laptop away, I return to find other (not mine) things on the desk.

To ensure I keep writing I have found a simple way to not get lost in the shared space.

I carry it with me.IMAG0179

Not all of it, that would be a bit much, but the key elements.

Most importantly, and it the easiest to carry with me is a flash drive. This my current drafts and scribbles, and some back-up copies of other things.

Then there is the physical stuff:

I have several folders. One of those fantastic pocket containers (pictured) that has different notes, in plastic sleeves inside, including my monthly goal lists, annual goals, notes and ideas (which despite my best efforts end up on various scraps of paper that are then pushed into the file) and short stories.


Until recently this was all I needed.

The Flow of Ink has grown a bit. I have added a slim folder with all of my “Flow of Ink” stuff – from posts, ideas, plans, outline of ebook.


And given my current editing time frame for Snow I have another slim folder with my current editing.

This way I have what I need with me at all times. If I have a quiet moment at work, a free lunch break, time between meetings, or two hours during my daughter’s dance class on Saturday mornings; then I have all I need to spend time planning, plotting, editing or writing.

Whether I have five minutes or an hour, I am prepared.

Writing space is very important and I know I can make that space anywhere I need it to be because I have everything with me. If I need quiet I can head to the library, not so quiet, a café, or the corner of my desk, or the lounge room, ballet waiting room…You get the point.

If you haven’t got a space of your own, make it.

What do you always have with you? And what could you carry that you don’t?

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