Looking into Marketing


As I work through my edit of Snow I have started to think about the marketing side of publishing. This is because I have more or less decided to self-publish this one too.

The idea of selling myself is a really freaky thought. And if I’m going to self-publish that is just what I need to do so over the last few weeks I have been researching marketing for self-publishers.


Important or stand out things I have picked up

I need to develop a plan and there are lots of ideas out there. It does appear that most of the marketing can’t actually be done as such until the book is out, but I can plan before that happens.

Can build up expectations of the book before it comes out – so that readers are aware of it and the release date (but I am still a little way off that as my editing isn’t quite going to plan at the moment.)

Need to put myself out there – market myself not just the book and that in turn helps to sell books. Again this is the selling myself which is a concern. But it is really a matter of showing who I am – in my blog, on social media and the like.

I might need to consider using a promotional service. I am a member of a number of writing groups on Facebook and one of them also promotes books (for a cost). But if I am serious about writing it may be an avenue to consider.


Will this improve my confidence?

A little bit. There is a lot of help out there. There are a lot of self-publishing authors putting themselves and their writing out there and some of them are actually earning a living from it.

The main thing from all of this is that it is going to take time – time away from my writing to work on and time waiting for it to take effect and people to buy my book.

But it will be time well spent (or money if it comes to that).


My plan

Firstly, I am starting a monthly newsletter. It will include a range of information but not too much.

I will continue my regular blog – along the topics of my writing progress and processes and interesting information I find along the way. May aim for the blog is to help you to keep writing too.

Try to be a bit more active on social media – because I want to interact with my readers (and other writers) not just sell books.


Useful links




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In celebration of the new newsletter you can get my latest short story Searcher for free this week.

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