Lost in Editing


I am still here I’ve just been focused on the final chapters of my novel. And as I worried about not making my deadline, and that it wouldn’t actually be any good when finished I have been procrastinating somewhat.

I thought that any writing of other projects, including blogging, was a little like cheating on my novel and if I wasn’t writing that then I couldn’t write anything. Which was silly because I know that working on other things can help spur my writing on. It has been a crazy few weeks.

I managed to pull myself together enough to finish the edit on the end of the novel…and so it looks like I will make my deadline after all, which definitely helps my confidence levels, reduces the fear and helps the writing continue to flow.

Now there are only two steps to go before it can go out to the reading group.

I need to rework (that should read: add a new) chapter one and then read through the manuscript as a whole. I am still on track for sending it out by the deadline (mid-August). I just have to keep moving and that gets easier every day.

I am thinking about my next project (and truthfully the one after that as well) and starting to wonder about what to do with this novel when it does come back from the reading group.

Yes, there is that much going on in my brain at once but i’m not sure it is good for me.

If I get too far ahead of myself that will just eat away at my confidence and slow my writing.

I have five hands in the air for the beta reading group, but if you are really keen, please visit my contact page and send me an email.

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