Meeting My Writing Goals

Goals for writers

I wanted to follow on from last week’s post about regular goal checking and goal setting. It is important for me to ensure my goals are written down and that I am meeting them.

It can be a risk to get carried away in planning, that it can distract from the doing but all of my projects are working reasonably well.

Today’s post is more of an update on where I am at. And I’m sure I’ve provided lots of these recently but it helps me to write down my actions as well as my goals.


‘Snow’ Fantasy Novel

Now called ‘The Mark of Oldra’ this draft has gone out to beta readers. I am reasonably happy with the way it came together in the last edit. Although amazed at the little mistakes I still found.

I even ran a check over the document for my “problem” words. We all have them, those words we use too often or ones that creep in during an early draft that we shouldn’t use at all. One of mine was “seemed to”. I’m not going to tell you how many instances of that I found in the check except to tell you it was too many.


Iski Flare

I had hoped to start this on my retreat but the edit for the fantasy novel had to take priority. I have now started drafting. I’m hoping to have the first draft and first edit completed by the end of October. I’m so excited to be finally getting into this after what seems like forever planning it.


Raven Crown Series

I’m fighting with Scrivener on this one. Handy for separating out each scene and as I write all over the place (and really all over the place with this series) it is great for slotting a scene into the right place. I’m having trouble getting it to compile the file into a word document, or at least put all those scenes into one place.

I spent far too much time copying each document (individual scene because that is all it would let me do) and pasting it into a word document so that I have each book in a form I can work with.

Still a long way to go with this but hoping to have the first draft completed by the end of the year. I’m also really excited to get back to these characters and find out where they are and what they have been doing while I’ve been in a different world.


The Flow of Ink

My website needs a little loving too. I need to spend some time reviewing SEO work, planning out blogs and I’ve got a plan for some guest posts and interviews. I also need to use social media a bit better and I will be working with the blog posts for this. I am also working on the newsletter, which didn’t quite go to plan but it is coming along. To receive the newsletter, please add your details on the right hand menu.


Onward plans

Last week I stated that what I do in this quarter will lead into what I’m doing next year.

I have started drafting out my goals for next year and they are yet to be refined but they include more Iski stories and the publishing of at least the first two Raven Crown books.

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