Midyear Goal Check


Life has been somewhat crazy over the last week as I moved into my new house. I am still unpacking boxes and finding homes for everything. It appears that I have a lot more stuff than I remember packing into the boxes in the first place. So I am half sorting as I go and sometimes just unpacking into cupboards with the idea of coming back and sorting later.

During this crazy week I haven’t taken any time to sit down and write – partly because I didn’t have a space to sit down at and partly because there was no space in my head for words to form. With the excuse of the car needing a service I was trapped in town today with nothing to do but sit quietly somewhere and refocus on my writing.

I started by going over my 2015 writing goals and how I am meeting them and what my plans are for the rest of the year.

I have listed these by writing project…


Snow (a fantasy novel) 

I am working through a major edit. I had hoped it would be the final edit but I think there is more work required. This edit is bigger than I intended as I have refocused the story and I am rewriting some chunks of it and smoothing out other parts for it to make sense. It will be a stronger story for it in the end and then I need to decide whether I self publish or submit the traditional way.

I need to foxus on the editing first and although it is not going to be done by my original time frame (the end of August) it will be done by the end of October.


Raven Crown Trilogy (draft) 

Drafted to 250,000 words (around the half way mark) so this is actually well on track.

The plot for book 1 is clear although the main character is not quite as present as I want her at this point.

Book 2 is my favourite and the main points are there but I still need to work on the storyline for the main character (or at least wrap up part of it for her).

Book 3 has come together better than I thought. Still unsure about the end, I have an idea but as I get closer it changes slightly (yes, that is because the characters are thinking for themselves). Book 3 is a lot darker than the others but I’m only half way through the first draft so a long way to go.

The draft for all three will be finished by the end of the year.


Iski Flare (Book 1) 

The outline is complete and ready for the Retreat to start drafting. I am also hoping to use the Retreat time to outline (and maybe start) the next two books in the series. This will be a series of novellas and although I’ve only thought about the first three I am hoping that this will continue beyond that.

I have been casting characters and trialling using the Snowflake method for outlining this book. This is on track to be self published by Christmas.


Spend an hour every week playing with creative ideas

This hasn’t quite worked out as often as I would have liked. But I am playing more with ideas for different projects.


Weekly blog posts

Occasionally late but generally this is working well.


Joint project with Lone Creature

This was a recent addition to my writing goals. We have talked about writing together for some time and finally have decided on a project worthy of our joint time and effort. This has been a little disjointed as our ideas develop and change around the project itself but I think we are on track now.

I am hoping to have the first story in this series drafted and ready for working together by the end of July.


Now that I am in the new house I am hoping to quickly settle back into a writing routine.

The planning I did today has not only helped cement just how much I have to do, but how much I want to do. This clarity refocuses what I need to do to reach these and certainly helps it appear more achievable.

I saw a great quote this morning (at my gym):

“Don’t hope for it more than you work for it”

A fitting reminder that to get anywhere we need to put the work in. I have my plan now it is time to sit down and work to it to reach my writing goals.

Is it time for you to revisit your writing goals?

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