What is my writing focus?

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There seems to be so much to think about this week that my brain has kind of stalled. Maybe it is more bunny hopping as it has moments of clarity before it all gets too much. This is because I move later this week and my brain is trying to ensure I have everything done, organising all the little bits involved in moving (including when I can buy the milk so that I can maintain my tea levels whilst directing movers away from my crisp white walls – See? I’m ranting).

OK and breath.

Right, so on top of the craziness of moving I have been thinking about where I am going with my writing and what I really want to achieve.

I currently have three projects (outside of the website) on the go – one at planning, one at drafting and one at editing. None of which has progressed very far in the last week or so.

On top of that a friend and I decided we wanted to write together. We have talked about for years but done nothing about. So after much discussion and working out what sort of thing we want to do we are starting to plan a series of novellas.

I’m sure once I am in my new, crisp writing space it will all seem a little easier. The ideas are flowing for all projects (moving included) and my hope is that they don’t become too muddled in my head (although it all feels quite muddled as the moment).

Around all the writing and craziness of moving I have been playing with ideas for making money from my writing – copyediting, proofreading, copywriting etc. – but it all distracts from writing fiction which is where I really want to be. It might help me earn some more funds towards supporting my writing but really I need to focus on what is important.

So even though I am literally up to the eyebrows with writing projects it is what I love. And I know that I can settle and focus and start getting some more writing out there. Trying to start a “writing business” on the side when I already have a day job is just a distraction from what I want. I do need to think about marketing and growing my audience to be able to sell more fiction. In some ways this is part of my business, particularly as I am currently self publishing. This has been part of the learning curve to work out what business of writing I am in and what I need to do to make that a success.

It certainly helps to write things down. Getting the ideas out of my head and onto paper, just like a first draft, helps to clarify my goals and wants. Once I am settled into my new house I plan to take the time to look over my writing goals for this year, how they are going and what may have changed.

It might be that I write about writing and finding time to write and other gems of knowledge I discover along the journey and I’m ok with that. And I hope along the way it helps you on your writing journey (whatever shape that takes).

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