Planning for My 2016 Writing Retreat

Last year's retreat Day 1
Last year’s retreat Day 1

It is time to start preparations for our annual writing retreat. This will be our fourth year away and I think we have it reasonably well organised.

Each year our time away grew and so did the amount of stuff we took with us. But then every year we bring just as much food home as we took – or so it seems. This year we are away for four nights and we are just taking what we know we will use.

In previous years I have taken note books, text books, white boards and far too many pens. This year I am just taking my Raven Crown Series note book, white board and laptop (plus relevant chargers). Other than the writing supplies we don’t need too much, and we get to live in our pj’s for the whole time we are away. Wine and treats is all we need to plan.

Despite the talk of chocolate we are going away to write, and my main aim for this retreat is the Raven Crown Series.


Raven Crown Book 1 – Raven’s Dawn

I want to finish it as best I can. My current edit has got it reasonably close but there is still some work to do.

I have booked a slot in with the proof reader for my return so the pressure is on and I’m hoping to have my beta group ready to go.


Raven Crown Book 2 – The Caged Raven

I have been working on the first edit, as I drafted all three together.

It runs directly on from book one but I am still working through scene order and finding the plot holes (some of which are huge).

If all going well and I get my work completed (fingers and toes crossed) for Raven’s Dawn, I’ll spend the remainder of my time on this edit.


I always say that I should journal more, but never do. While I’m away at the retreat I do at least keep a very good record of what I do and how it is or is not working. As I am electronically isolated while away, I have a great record to create a report for you about the retreat on my return.

I’m so excited. I always come back refreshed and energised despite hours of writing. It strengthens the writing muscles after all.

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