Planning for Annual Writing Retreat


Great excitement as our second annual writing retreat comes closer. I am actually counting the sleeps until we get there.

No phones, no Internet and a focused writing buddy for five whole days.

But what will I write?

Last year I worked on my fantasy novel, which I am currently editing the final chapters of (and trying not to let the next project interfere with). I am so close to the end but it is hard going at the moment.

By the time we reach the retreat this will be out with readers and so I can focus on something new. And it is hard not to start planning now and ignore my editing.

I have several project ideas bubbling away but I want to focus on just one and it is looking like it will be the medieval fantasy trilogy. This story has been itching to be written for a while now.

Before I reach the retreat I would like to have the rough outline currently in my head clearly laid out and character sketches complete so that I can spend my uninterrupted days drafting. I have the (possibly crazy) plan of writing around 50,000 words over the retreat this year so a clear outline will be essential.

Over the last week I have been reviewing articles and books on structure and outline and will upload a structure template into Scrivener before I go. With the structure clear and a good idea where the story is going, drafting should be quite easy and fun. I’m also looking forward to the freedom of a first draft, which is something quite magical that I don’t get to experience often enough.

There are lots of stories competing to be written, ideas that bubble away and fight for attention. Some growing quickly while others fizzle out. What makes you write one story over another?

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  1. Hi Georgie – great blog, very inspirational. My stories choose me I think, and if I don’t write them down they get kind of noisy and annoying. Thanks for your posts.

    1. Thanks Meg. There seems to be a lot of stories pestering me to be written at the moment. Only 1 sleep ’til retreat now!

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