Preparation for My Writing Retreat

Last year's retreat - day one
Last year’s retreat – day one

My Annual Writing Retreat is only days away and I am buzzing with excitement. I am so ready for some time away and real focused writing time (‘cause I haven’t been working as hard as I should have been lately).

Not that it will be a holiday but we do get a break from all the things you can’t usually get away from – cooking, cleaning, children, husbands, pets and the day job.

And it isn’t that we don’t love these things (the family and pets, maybe not so much the other) but they always there and always need attention. When we are away there is nothing competing for our time. There is only writing.

I have the shopping list ready and the bottles of wine (although we drink little while writing – despite the stereotypes) and the treats. But I also have a crate slowly developing with writing materials – whiteboards, pens, notes and notebooks and scrap paper (although the white boards are great for doodling and then snapping a pic to keep track of).

I have the outline and plans for my new novella series ready to go. My plan was that the series (or at least the start of it) would be my focus this year. My editing has been much slower than I thought it would be and so I’m taking that with me too.

Having two projects to work on means that if I struggle with one I can switch to the other but at this point I have no real plan as to what to focus on first. I am desperate to start the novella series, but then I really need to get on with this edit.

This is our third retreat and previously I have focused solely on one project and that has worked really well living and breathing one story for a week. And in the six days I could finish the edit or finish the first book. It might be a wait and see.

While away we are out of phone and internet range which helps reduce the distractions but it means no contact at all. I plan to post about how the retreat went on Monday 31 August. But I may share some news of the retreat on Facebook or Twitter between our return to the world and my next blog.
Have you considered a retreat – what would you want to do and how long would you like to go for?

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