Quarterly Goal Check


It is that time of year (for me) when I start looking at diaries for next year and thinking about what I’m doing, wanting to do and how this year is going. It is a quarterly review of sorts and although I never put it in the diary it happens at the same time every year.

For this year I had simple goals but it didn’t take long for them to change…so will I get there this year or will it be another case of carrying my goals over and never really reaching what I want.

Here were my goals for 2014

  • I will write at least a sentence every day…
  • I will complete my fantasy novel to a polished standard
  • I will complete a first draft of next novel – Sisters Book 1 (working title)
  • I will develop my website and post at least once a week
  • I will write and publish a non-fiction ebook via my website
  • I will read more – at least 15 minutes a day of fiction

So far this year…

The sentence a day fell over in April, the dedicated file of at least one sentence a day that is. I continue to write every day so I see that as a win.

My fantasy novel is at a reasonable level (still seeing errors) and is out with the beta reading group. Once it returns I will edit again dependent on feedback and then consider an editor before focusing on its publication.

I have drafted 100,000 words so far across books 1 and 2 of the “Sisters” trilogy (which will become the Raven Crown Series). This is on track for a good draft by the end of the year.

My website is up and running, still developing but I think it will always do that. Posting semi-regularly and now on Facebook and Twitter (very recently and still learning that one). So platform building is well under way.

The Ebook is one thing not going quite to plan – I have a draft but it will take a bit more work and will probably be published early next year now. Although I will have a fantasy short story available before Christmas.

I am reading more – both fiction and non-fiction – sometimes a bit light and fluffy but I am reading every day.

A review like this helps build confidence in how close I am to achieving my goals. It also helps maintain the momentum to ensure my actions don’t dwindle as the year end draws closer.

Next year…

A review like this helps form ideas for goals for the next year. It creates a time to consider what will build on this year and what new goals to set. I consider it a chance to brainstorm projects I would like to start next year.

I would love to know how you are going with your writing goals. Are you on track and if not do you know why? Have you started to think about next year and what you want to achieve or do you think it is too early? Hit reply to share your goal setting stories.

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