Re-Setting Goals for 2015

re-setting goals for 2015It may seem late in the year but planning and goal setting for me is a constant activity. Maybe I’m early for next year.

I said recently that I have been doing a lot of planning for next year. And I have, hours of it. I have taken all my notes and time recordings and calculations to work out how long each part of the process takes me and how much time I think I can put in every day. I might be pushing the envelope a bit but I have a clear plan of what I am doing next year.

That is, when I plan to be doing each stage of each project, including when I hope to publish. I have given myself some leeway at the end of each project to catch up if I have fallen a little behind or there is a delay in getting manuscripts back from readers and the like (as that can push times out).

I have clear goals for 2016 (connected very closely with my planning) which are already pasted into the front of next year’s diary. I have colour calendars for each month marked up to show the stages for each project.

One reason I have spent the time doing this is because I thought I had to start treating my writing like project management. if I want to do this for a living I have to start treating it like a job. I need to take it seriously.

So with all of this in mind and my plans crystallised for next year I wanted to make sure I finish this year on track. I did lose some time to a sore head recently but I think I have made that up. Not that I’ve worked huge hours, but I have been very focused in the time I have worked and I’ve covered more ground during that time than expected.

I still want to get The Mark of Oldra out before Christmas and the first instalment of Iski Flare. I’m still really nervous about the Mark of Oldra. I’m meeting with my cover designer this week so that might help. I still have some work to go before it is ready and a proofread so if it isn’t ready I’m not pressing the publish button until next year.

Over the coming weeks, which are the closing weeks of 2015 I am setting some new goals. Ones that push a bit, ones that push me to do well, to do what I hope I can. I have to switch off the worry and get on with it.

I saw a sign in the street last week counting down til Christmas. I don’t want to count the days, I think that adds to the pressure, but I need to be aware of the deadline. That is why we set deadlines after all. Knowing how long until something should be finished gives a clear idea of what is required every day until that point. I am focusing all I have into my writing during my writing times to ensure I do what I can towards the bigger goals in life.

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