Surviving Normality (missing the retreat focus)

The perfect excuse to stay inside and write ...
The perfect excuse to stay inside and write …

Back from my retreat where I had nothing to do but write I have found myself missing the dedicated time and with everything else required of me I’m scared I will lose the flow and procrastination will creep in.

I needed to refocus on making the time to write. And make the time for specific writing tasks as my drafting was taking over.

I have a specific goal for the draft of how many hours of writing time per week I want to do – if this doesn’t work as well I might shift this to number of words. I have the goal of one hour a day, and now that I’m recording my time more closely I have discovered that once I walk to the library, get set up and then write, pack up to head back to work by the time my lunch hour is over, I only get 35-40 minutes of writing time when I thought I had closer to an hour. So I’m rethinking where and how…or that I need to do another half hour at the end of the day, which is sometimes hard. I am trying to shift my morning wake time a little, to get some extra time when I know I am most productive.

Booking time for each project so that I don’t forget the other things. Because this new story is constantly with me (I’m even dreaming of my characters now) I am drafting over my other writing commitments, such as blogging, my planned ebook and the edit for the short story I am hoping to publish this year. I have had to specify what I will work on during each writing block.

Focus is one of those things I long for but worry I cannot find. Until I am sitting down and writing and then the world around me disappears. To find the focus required for each writing project I sometimes have to tell myself a story to get my butt in the chair.

Not fairytales, a reminder story: the reason behind the writing, the why I want to do it, what I will get from it or what you, dear reader, will get from it (and that includes the fiction as well as the blog).

Life continues…

I am also trying to be more aware of the daily things I need to do – lunches, time with my daughter, animals, washing, day job and so on. It was fantastic to focus on nothing but writing while I was away, but now I’m back I need to remind myself that I have to share my time out. I can continue that focused time, I just have to split it around everything else.

Writing is part of my life, and my aim is to fit it in with all the other components of life, such as family and the day job. How does writing fit into your life?

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