Happy New Year

Happy New Year 2016

I hope your 2016 has started off with a bang. I’m all set for an exciting and busy year.

I was planning for this year well before it started. And now that it is here I am well under way. Last year I wasn’t keen to share my goals so early because I knew a lot was going to impact on them as the year went on. But that will happen every year and I’m sure these goals may change and evolve as the year develops. I might even achieve some things sooner and slip something else in.


My 2016 goals include:

  • Reading every day (Santa delivered a Kindle, *squee*)
  • Continuing with the Legend of Iski Flare novella series with episodes 2, 3 and 4 planned for release this year
  • The Raven Crown series books 1 and 2 planned for release this year. (Book 3 in 2017)
  • The Mark of Oldra (formerly known as Snow) will be released at the beginning of February
  • The Flow of Ink will continue to blog every week and produce a monthly newsletter. I am changing the posting day to Sunday.
  • Improve my marketing skills to boost readership of my books and blog

There will be some ideas generating for next year, including expansions on some of the larger works I’m putting out this year and a new series that has started bubbling away.


So far 2016 is a little scary. I didn’t get nearly as much out as I thought I would last year but I’m working more consistently and with a serious plan in place I have no option but to deliver (I hope).

This year I’m setting myself definitive deadlines for each project. Last year my deadlines were a bit soft and I think it will be easier to work to a set date. This will also make my planning somewhat easier.

I’m continuing to track my time and to review and adjust my plans/goals as required. I have found that very little goes exactly to plan but I think this year it will be close. There are no major moves this year and my work space is all set up. Other than the day job, a daughter, two new kittens, friends, family and housework; all I have is my writing. All going well, I will publish three novels and three novellas this year.

Have you got a plan in place this year? Are you going to meet your writing goals?