Online Groups for Indie Authors

online groups for indie authorsWriting can be a lonely and isolating activity. Being able to maintain contact with like-minded people can be empowering.

I have joined several writing and writers groups on line (or at least on FB) which has been quite handy. Most of these are aimed at indie authors but I’m sure there would be some traditionally published among the numbers.



  • There is a range of people you can connect to in a relatively easy way.
  • Find group with similar interests
  • You don’t have to be close geographically
  • You don’t have to be free at the same time
  • You can choose what you respond to, particularly in a big group
  • And with direct messaging you can interact with members on an individual level



  • Like any group you have to put time into it. And this can become a distraction to other tasks
  • Some in the group may demand more of you or the group than is appropriate
  • Some members are only there for their own validation and don’t contribute to the group


With the variety offered by being part of an online group you can choose what you would like to be a part of. I have joined several groups with Books Go Social – author group, review group, reading group. It depends what topics are being discussed as to where I would comment. Some people are across all groups, some only a member of one.

I have also joined some Facebook groups for some courses I have recently completed or joined. A recent comment in one of these groups was made about how we don’t all respond to every post but given the time just to read every post, it isn’t always possible, and as I stated above, you don’t have to get involved in conversations that don’t interest you or you don’t have anything to contribute to.

In one of the author groups people often ask for advice around different plugins or software. If I don’t use the software then I can’t comment and it would only block up the group if we all took the time to say we had nothing to add.

Make sure that you give as much as you take with any online group. Only ask for critiques or readers when you are willing to put the time in to do this for others.


What group would you like to be a part of ? Or what group might you like to start?