Christmas Presents and a little Break

The Legend of Iski Flare Episode One The Legend BeginsEpisode One of the Legend of Iski Flare will be available 24 December, 2015


It is that time of year again – whether you celebrate Christmas, as most of us do in my house, or something else it is time for a little break.

After a hideous festive season last year we have decided to rebadge Christmas, if just for lunch.

We are having a Non-Festive Non-Denominational Family Gathering. But we are exchanging gifts and we will be consuming the usual traditional Christmas fare. It appears there is a lot in a name and if we need to rename something just to get certain members of the group to participate then I’m all for it.

Now my little gift to the world is the release (finally) of The Legend of Iski Flare, Episode One: The Legend Begins. It will be available from 24 December in a number of formats for the electronic device of your choice (including Amazon, Nook, iBooks etc)

I hope your Family Gathering is as festive or non-festive or religious or otherwise as you require it to be. And that you are well rested and revived for the New Year.

I will be returning on Sunday January 10, 2016. I’m spending my non-blogging time writing and preparing for next year – because it is going to be a big one.

Stay safe and happy writing.