How you can write faster

How you can write faster

Following on from last week’s post, one of my current focuses is getting as many words as possible on the page in the shortest time. Sometimes I write early morning, sometimes at lunch time and I might only have half an hour or an hour at most to try and get as many words down as possible.

I am getting better at this and I do track all my writing. On a good day I can pump out around 2,500 words an hour; an average day is anywhere between 1500 and 2000 an hour. If I break my writing sessions into half hour blocks I tend to be more productive, or at least produces more words than I do if I sat down for a full hour. Not always but mostly.

Compared to some other writers this isn’t very fast.

A little while back I looked at Johnny B Truant and Sean Platt’s new book and referred to their earlier book about writing – Write, Publish, Repeat. Johnny pumps out a crazy number of words per hour, but he isn’t alone.

So following on from last week I thought I would share what others are talking about in terms of writing faster – that is, writing more per writing session.

I think it is worth starting with Johnny B Truant and here are two of his articles based around writing fast and his book Write Publish Repeat:

Write, Publish, Repeat on The Creative Penn

14 tips for writing a book in 29 days and then doing it again the next month

Both are a great read and very useful in showing just how much is possible if we put our minds to it.

ReallyRosie has some great tips on what is important about increasing your writing speed and why you would or wouldn’t want to do that. Check out her article here: Word Count Fatigue

Michael Pollok has provided 12 Tips on How to Become a Faster Writer which include some very sensible ideas. It is good to remember that you aren’t going to suddenly be writing 3000 words an hour if you currently write at a rate of 300 words an hour.

Roy Peter Clark’s article on Poynter similarly offers 12 tips but aimed at the non-fiction writer. There are still some tips there that fiction writers could use, including making a plan of what you want to write about.

And I’m sure that there are many more out there, and some good books too.

Work out what you want from your writing and why you might want to increase your writing speed before deciding on a course of action. But if this all seems too much, start with Write, Publish, Repeat.