What Fiction bloggers can blog about

Blogging topics for fiction wirters

My aim is to post on my blog every week. Sometimes it is easy to come up with topics around what I’m doing, sometimes it isn’t.

I don’t think it is always that easy for fiction writers. We need to appeal not only to other writers but to our readers as well. I’m not sure that I have this right yet and each week is an experiment. Here are some things that I blog about or have thought of blogging about.

I like to share my processes, because I enjoy reading about other writer’s processes. I like to see how people do things differently or similarly and what I can learn from their experience. I hope that there might be other writers that could learn something new from me.

I like to share my learnings – what I have discovered along the way to improve my writing or my processes and again how that might help others.

Where my writing is at – partly because I am all about the story – I love it when my story is out there and ready to go and I hope you do too. And how that story grows and progresses over time.

Excerpts from stories – I haven’t really done this yet, I did share a short story for Easter based on Iski Flare and his travels. Developing a story takes time and I’m not sure if it is worth sharing a story that takes time away from my other writing projects.

I have an interest in immersive writing and so try to weave that into my learnings and processes. I also have an interest in time management and energy management but in terms of writing and fitting writing around a busy life. I’m sure I’m not the only writer trying to write around family and a day job.

Here are some ideas from others about what you can blog about:


What do you look for when you read a fiction writer’s blog?