The Joy of Drafting


After so much editing and marketing or late it was fantastic to get back to some drafting. I love that moment of magic when you can tune out and just let the words flow across the page.


What was different this time?

I tried a slightly different planning process this time for Iski Flare’s adventure. And then I squeezed it into my usual format. But there did seem to be a bit of a gap in the plotting; I have the flow of the story and I hope it becomes clearer as I draft, and Iski is usually good at directing where things should go when I’m not sure.


How well this process worked?

Reasonably well – I am using my notes as a starting point for each scene/section and the words have flowed reasonably well. There has been a bit of a stall as I needed to put some time into my other project and this has slowed down the drafting process a little.


Did Iski lead the way?

I got a different feel from Iski during this story. He did seem to take the lead but a new character Mirabel surprised me a little and Iski a bit more.


What am I doing now?

I am still drafting, I’m a few days behind where I would like to be. Once the first draft is finished, I will read it through as a whole and see how the story works. I’ll mark it up as I go for the editing process.


What did I learn?

I’m not sure about learning, but it did remind me of the importance of writing every day and how that keeps the story fresh. With the intense review of Raven’s Dawn I’m not writing every day. Booking writing time for each project is important.


What might I implement for book 5?

I am looking at more detailed outline, with more information at each stage of the story before I begin to draft. This might be worth implementing into all my planning.


My number one priority at the moment is making time to write. I’ve been a little stressed trying to get it all done, but I know that with some dedicated time it will come together.

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