The Mark of Oldra

The Mark of Oldra

The Mark of Oldra

Release date – 1 February 2016

Gerry Ryder shivers violently as the snow settles around her. Huge, black trees glisten with frost as their naked branches clatter in the wind. She isn’t sure if it’s hard to breathe because she’s scared out of her mind, or if this strange, new world is so cold that the air freezes in her lungs.

Gerry struggles to be the soldier the Penna needs her to be. Her dark dreams and visions don’t help. Although she craves a place in Essawood, she really wants to go home.

It is only when the shadows of her dreams appear solid before her and the power of the Oldra is revealed that can Gerry find her place in the snow; a place where a greater threat lies beyond the shadows. One that will devastate everything she thought she knew. One the snow whispers it is her destiny to defeat. But how does she fight a shadow?


Available on any platform you wish from 1 February 2016.

To find a copy at your favourite vendor, please see My Books page.

The Mark of Oldra was written as a stand-alone book but I miss them already. There may be more stories from this world or about these people but I don’t know when or what they might be.

In celebration of the release of The Mark of Oldra, I am offering my short stories for free from 1st of February for 5 days. If you haven’t already picked up a copy of these short reads, this is your chance to grab them.

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