Using “To Do” Lists to Reach Your Goals

To Do List

This week I have continued with my editing, but I’m not utilising my time as well as I could. Part of this is due to fear. I can feel it creeping in as I try to rework the ending wondering if it will be any good.

On the days when I have been editing I have been working for longer than I planned…so it is moving along at a reasonable pace, not that I’m rushing. I am currently working on the last five chapters and so it needs a bit of focus.

In trying to keep my focus and ensure I continue to write and work towards my goal, I have been researching lists, in particular to do lists.

I do love a list and I’ve used various types before. I want to ensure that I don’t just make these lists but work through them and mark things off.

One suggestion I came across was to create one big list with everything you want to get done, but can’t get done today. This list is to include ideas, projects, plans, and should cover all aspects of your life.

I don’t want this revision of my processes to take up time that could be spent doing things. Once I sat down to make up the big list it didn’t take very long at all, and I’m carrying it with me and adding to it when I think of things. It is a rough, single page, working document as any list should be.

Nearly every post or article I reviewed mentioned using a weekly and daily list. I have been using these for a while, but I am making sure that I now capture everything I need to do on those lists, including investigations I would like to make and even shopping reminders.

The aim of this review and small change in my practice will hopefully lead to working more efficiently and reduce any chance for procrastination to creep in because I know where I’m going. Although the road is a bit steep or rocky at times I know this is that path I want to take.


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