What happens when you can’t write…

My usual evening position - trapped beneath dogs.
My usual evening position – trapped beneath dogs.

My life over the last couple of weeks has been a bit crazy. My parents are away and I am chicken watching and puppy sitting. It has not been quite the two weeks I thought it was going to be.

I had plans. Great plans of what I would do with my evenings alone, my free weekend and my uninterrupted mornings. But alas life does not turn out as we wish it would… mine certainly hasn’t this week.

Two days before my parents left on their great adventure one of the above mentioned puppies broke his leg and he needed to be kept quiet. It was harder than I thought to explain that to the puppy, or his brother. And the two of them have turned my life upside down. They have cried all night, clung to me all day and made doing anything very difficult. I have been so tired that when they do go to sleep (usually on me) I don’t have the energy to do anything.

Amongst all of this we have had the usual school and dancing stuff and I still have to go into work (which is a welcome relief other than my eyes slamming shut at my desk).

So I sound a bit whingey. I feel whingey. I am not writing and I want to be and that makes me grumpy – to the point I can see my daughter pause before she asks me anything in case I don’t react quite right, which just fills me with guilt. And certainly does not help.

I will make it up. It is just the frustration that I can’t put in what I want to. I had hoped to have my next short story ready for publication over Easter but it won’t be. I feel behind with my blog and I am working through the last week of an online course which I feel I can’t give my all.

The parents return in a couple of days. I can hand back the house and the chickens. The dogs will be handed to them at the airport (OK, I’m fantasising now) and I can shut myself in my room and sleep for two days to catch up and then I’m ready to go again. But it also means that until my house is finished I need to find better ways of writing while the parents are home because waiting for them to holiday hasn’t work well at all.

So cute when they are sleeping...
So cute when they are sleeping…

So while I count the seconds until their return I will work on ways to get at least a small amount of writing done to keep some form of sanity. Maybe a little sneaky time during the day job (it is how this post was written), it saves trying to fend off small dogs determined to chew the cord or screen or me while I try to work at home…

I’ll be back when my sanity returns (hopefully before Christmas).

Tell me I am not alone – what do you do when life gets in the way of your writing?

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