Writing in difficult times

The whole world is not as it was. In different areas around the globe we are experiencing very different realities. And it is hard.

At this stage, we are working from home, schooling from home and unable to leave the house unless we absolutely must. Which in some ways I like – if given the chance I would be the village hermit, only leaving the cave in emergencies. But when you can’t leave, it can make things a little stressful, and we can’t see family or friends.

As all of this ramped up, along with my stress and worry, I found it increasingly difficult to write, and sleep.

I was also getting a lot of advice, do more exercise, eat better, drink less and the list goes on. But none of it was helping. Eventually, I allowed myself a weekend of nothing by sitting on the couch and watching something different. Different to the news that is, I opted for Korean drama – which I love – a fantasy series and then a contemporary drama. I did nothing all weekend but go from episode to episode, no house work, no writing, no cooking – just me and the tv.

The escape was just what I needed. The complete switching off from everything else helped recharge me. By Monday I was feeling more human, by Tuesday I was writing again.

We need to ensure in all of this that we continue to look after ourselves, and our mental health. It is ok to be stressed and worried by what is going on around us, we are all feeling the same.

Look after yourself and your family and I hope you are finding small joys in being locked away. I’m allowing my daughter space to what she wants to recharge, and we are getting together of an evening to watch a movie. Once she starts school holidays, I want to introduce some more puzzle time. She’s been working on a 4x4 Rubik’s cube which was a challenge – although she’s worked it out now. And we have a tap board so that she can continue her tap-dancing practice, not so conducive to writing, but we are making it work.

Stay safe and well.

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