The flow of ink across the page creates fantastic tales of dragons, magic and more. Occasionally it flows out into space to tell of strange people living ordinary lives or ordinary people living strange lives. Whether strange for them or for the reader is up to you.

That mystical flow between the unconscious and ink is the reason Georgina writes. The wonder as the story unfolds across the page. She survives life as a servant of the public by hiding in cafes at lunch time with dragons, witches, a laptop and a little bit of magic.

Georgina and her daughter live in beautiful southern Tasmania, with two crazy cats and a writing desk that overlooks the water.

On the blog

2019 Third Quarter Review
It has been a busy year and we have just entered the final quarter and spring has hit Tasmania, finally.[...]
2019 Writing Retreat
I have already been back from my retreat for almost as long as I was on it. Usually I’m super[...]
First 2019 Writing Update
I set myself some pretty hefty writing goals this year on top of everything else I’m trying to do, and[...]
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